The DeepSoilMixing technology is a method used to improve the mechanical and physical properties of the soil, by mixing it with a controlled amount of cement, obtaing a robustness and lower squeezability soil.

DSMIXLOG is the Geodigitus equipment system for controlling and monitoring DeepSoilMixing technology.

DSMIXLOG is a Datalogger to measure, register and storage data. The system consists of one computer and several sensors connected by electrical cables.

The measured and stored parameters by DSMIXLOG are as follow:

  • Depth (maximum and current);
  • Drilling and extraction speed;
  • Rotation (CW and CCW);
  • Flow of injected cement;
  • Cement pressure;
  • Total and partial volume of the injected cement;
  • Winch pressure (up and down);
  • Rotary pressure;
  • Tower inclination.

All stored data is transmitted transparently and automaticaly to a cloud server and can be retrieved with the SoftMix software for analysis, printing reports and graphs on any Windows computer.



SOFTMIX is a software with a clear and intuitive interface to retrieve, analyse and print out graphic and numerical data from measured parameters logged by DSMIXLOG.

It also allows viewing the GPS position and remote monitoring the operation of DSMIXLOG system installed on machine.

The GPS and pile graphics can also be accessed by smartphones, tablets as well as by any computer with an internet browser.

The remote monitoring offers a real time view of a site job, besides the device configuration and its GPS position.

Once SoftMix is running, it shows a compatible GoogleMaps graphic with all machines available. By simply clicking on an specifi c machine, it is possible to check configuration and last piles built without any other interaction.

Data sent automatically by DSMIXLOG to Geodigitus Cloud Computing Server (an Amazon Web Service) is always available and can be retrieved by SOFTMIX to be analyzed, visualized and easily exported to spreadsheets like Excel and fi le formats like .bmp and .pdf.

Specific software customization can be made on request, since all technology is a result of many years of Geodigitus experience on drilling machines.


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