SACI 3 is the 3rd generation of our Augered

Cast-in-Place / Continuous Flight Auger (ACIP/CFA) Automated Monitoring Equipment.

ACIP/CFA piles have seen increased popularity in recent years, since it is now possible to accurately monitor and control pile installation.

Our SACI 3 system is a cutting edge product developed exclusively for ACIP/CFA piles.

It incorporates state of the art electronics, software and Internet developments into a robust instrument designed technology to work under harsh conditions.

SACI 3 is a datalog equipment and consists of a computer and various sensors connected by cables and bluetooth links.

Installed in the operator cabin, SACI 3 measures and records the following parameters:

  • Depth
  • Drilling and grout pumping rate
  • Auger rotation
  • Rig inclination
  • System oil pressure and torque
  • Concrete/Grout pressure
  • Concrete/Grout fl ow rate and volume
  • Concrete instant and average overconsumption/waste

The concrete sensor is connected to the computer by a bluetooth link powered by a solar cell which avoids common problems like cable breakage. All recorded data is transmitted  automatically to a cloud computing server and can be accessed by SACI 3 to generate reports in table and graphic formats.



The SOFTSACI application provides a clear and intuitive interface with the SACI 3 CFA/ACIP System. It retrieves measured data, analyzes it and displays it in graphic and numerical formats.

It also allows viewing the GPS position of the SACI 3 and monitoring its operation remotely. The GPS position and pile graphics can also be viewed on smart phones, tablets or on any computer with an Internet connection.

The remote monitoring offers a realtime view of a job site, in addition to the device configuration parameters and its GPS position.

Once SOFTSACI is running, a Google Maps shows all client´s machines. Clicking on a machine icon, it´s possible to check machine´s name and last piles done.

Data sent automatically by SACI 3 to Geodigitus Cloud Computing Server (an Amazon Web Service) is always available and can be retrieved by SOFTSACI to be analyzed, visualized and easily exported to spreadsheets like Excel and file formats like .bmp and .pdf.

Specific software customization can be made on request. The SOFTSACI technology is the result of Geodigitus’ many years of experience with CFA and ACIP piles.


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